Power Party Sculpt

Power Party Sculpt (PPS) an original dance class born out of my mission to facilitate dance as a movement practice accessible to everyone.  PPS reminds us it is OK to have FUN and our bodies have a natural rhythm just begging to sweat for joy on a dance floor!  Repeated choreography is crafted by to specific songs (think Gaga, Janet, Beyonce, Madge, etc.), some of which repeat for up to eight weeks.  The idea is you learn the steps and then stop thinking about them—as in, get out of your head and into your body. Part of the class may also be unchoreographed movement that flows organically with the feeling of the class.  Level I has more breakdowns of the dances and is taught with a low-impact option for each dance, Level II/III has more of the challenging choreography, and all levels PPS on Thursdays encourages us really shake it and drop it low!